A production of Possible World 2010-11

in cooperation with the Centre for Special Education for the "Ernst-Adolf-Eschke-Schule für Gehörlose" in Berlin


Sponsored by:

Capital City Cultural Fonds 



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A theatre play from Till Nikolaus von Heiseler played by deaf, hard of hearing and hearing actors and teenagers for deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people. 


ME DEA (F)! is a play based on pre-Euripides sources about the violence of role models, immigration and the wish for immortality. In German Sign Language, signs accompanying the speech and spoken language.



with MEDEA Asya Avagyan, Simone Jaeger / APHRODITE Yasemin Akan, Emilia von Heiseler / ATHENE Hend El-Kadi / CHALKIOPE Inara Ilysova / HERA Cordula Zielonka / JASON Thadeus Meilinger, Bastian Sierich / AIETES Erdal Kar, Peter Marty / PELIAS Peter Marty, Frank Weigang / EROS Trung Duc Nguyen, Thai Van Quoc / ABSYRTHOS, BOATSWAIN Nikola Vujicic / ARGONAUT Frank Weigang 


DIRECTOR Michaela Caspar / SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETER Anka Böttcher / MUSIC Achim Kubinski / VIDEO Jens Kupsch / STAGE Burkhardt Ellinghaus / COSTUME Gabriele Wischmann / ASSISTENCE Susann Brüggemann, Rafael Ugarte Chacón, Max Neu / PHOTOGRAPHY Lisa Wischmann, Anton von Heiseler, Max Neu / PRODUCTION Daniel Schrader


Ballhaus Ost, Berlin:

09 December 2011 at 20 h, PREMIERE

10 December 2011 at 20 h

11 December 2011 at 20 h

16 December 2011 at 20 h

17 December 2011 at 20 h

18 December 2011 at 20 h

18 May 2012  at 20 h

19 May 2012  at 20 h

20 May 2012  at 20 h

27 September 2012 at 20 h

28 September 2012  at 20 h

29 September 2012  at 20 h

30 September 2012 at 20 h


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