BIRDS - the movie

(Emilia von Heiseler, Annalisa Weyel, Jan Kress, Rita Mazza, Peter Marty) Still: Jens Kupsch

A cinematic adaptation of the play BIRDS by Possible World in German Sign Language and spoken German


Performers Jan Kress / Peter Marty / Anka Böttcher / Emilia von Heiseler / Annalisa Weyel / Christin Marie Feldhaus / Rita Mazza


DE 2023 / 80 min / digital

The movie and further information:
Funded by Aktion Mensch



A theater project by Michaela Caspar und Giuseppe Giuranna


Possible World in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost Berlin, 2021/22

Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfiónds and Aktion Mensch


Performers Jan Kress / Rita Mazza/ Peter Marty / Emilia von Heiseler / Annalisa Weyel / Christin Maria Feldhaus


Project Page


Video of the theater performance, March 6, 2022 in the Ballhaus Ost Berlin, working materials and further information:



(Peter Marty, Rita Mazza)  Photo: Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag


INCARC - inclusive archive

(Brian Duffy, Athina Lange, Emilia von Heiseler, Anne Zander) Photo: Michaela Caspar

Dear friends and colleagues,

INCARC – inclusive archive is meant as a meeting place and platform for inclusive theater productions and performances. It is our goal to preserve inclusive visual productions that are no longer being performed and make them accessible.

The performances should deal with visual theater, visual performance technique, sign language or language as action in space and feature inclusive characteristics. They can be old, very old or new productions. is open to everyone.


If you’d like to archive your project on, please contact us at:


Through night to light

A music performance

In sign language, spoken language with music and visuals

A FILM BY: Ludwig Kuckartz und Michaela Caspar MUSIC: Ludwig van Beethoven, Sebastian Gramss 

Performers: Julia Kulda Hroch, Rafael Grombelka / Trumpet & live electronics: Udo Moll / Trombone: Matthias Muche / Voice: Michaela Caspar, Thomas Halle


Part 1: A short biography of Ludwig van Beethoven

Part 2: Approaches to Ludwig van Beethoven


The virtual performance was created during the Corona shutdown in April / May 2020 on Zoom.

As part of BTHVN and the Sommerblut-Festival der Multipolarkultur 2020, Cologne, Germany.


Online premiere via livestream: Tuesday, May 12th 2020 at 8pm


Videos and further information:


(Collage from an audio reactive rendering of the Ode to Joy by Ludwig van Beethoven) by Ludwig Kuckartz

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